We have added a new spring sport: track and field. Please see our track and field programs guide for more information.

Academic advising and support

As an organization and community, we provide academic guidance for all of our student-athletes throughout their years as Tomball Kings.

During their elementary school years, our student-athletes rely primarily on informal networks of parents who share their experiences, advice, and resources with one another.

As student-athletes enter their junior high and high school years, we provide formal academic advising and support services, tailored to the interests and educational goals of each student-athlete.

Sports performance and player development

Our sports performance and player development programs operate year-round and span every age division.

During the summer we offer instructional baseball camps to teach defensive skills and the art of catching.

We offer a baseball performance program for high school and high school prep league players that we believe is among the very best in the country.

We also provide a professionally-designed, more generalized, athletic performance program that lays a solid foundation for success in the baseball performance program, track and field, and high school and college athletics more generally.

To help players avoid arm injuries and improve their pitching and throwing mechanics, we have small-group, pitching and throwing program that teaches proper arm care and rotational mechanics. Our instructor for these classes is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who is also a national leader in helping other pitching coaches develop their knowledge and skills.

Interscholastic and club track and field

Our newest sports program is track and field. Commencing with the Spring 2024 season, we offer student-athletes opportunities for both interscholastic and club competition.

Interscholastic and league baseball

We provide opportunities for both interscholastic and league baseball competition as student-athletes mature through our organization, ranging from strictly developmental, league play for 6U players through intensely competitive, spring baseball for our high school players, against top teams in the state of Texas.

Please see our baseball programs guide for general information, as well as our seasonal guides below.

Current (2023-2024) academic year baseball programs

Baseball program guide archive

We list below our fall and spring baseball program guides for all prior academic years.

2022-2023 academic year

2021-2022 academic year

2020-2021 academic year

2019-2020 academic year