Spring season 2020

The Tomball Kings will field two teams for the Spring 2020 baseball season: (1) varsity high school and (2) “juniors,” consisting of players aged fifteen and under (“15U”).

The Kings varsity team faces a competitive, 26-game schedule featuring public school, private school, interscholastic club, and other homeschool varsity teams. The team may add additional games to the schedule, once the public schools have finalized their district schedules.

The Kings juniors team will contend for the Juniors Division championship of the Spring-Klein Sports Association’s 2020 spring season, facing 15U competition. The Juniors Division schedule will include two scrimmages, twelve regular-season games, a playoff for the top six finishers, and possible end-of-season tournament.


Participation on either of the Kings teams for the Spring 2020 season is by invitation only, based upon coaching evaluations from the Fall 2019 training program or the January 6, 2020 tryouts. Maintenance of eligibility for both teams requires compliance with Tomball Kings program rules.

Varsity players must (i) have a declared grade of ninth or higher, (ii) not have graduated from high school or competed for more than three years of previous high school play, and (iii) have been born on or after September 2, 2000.

Juniors must have been born on or after May 1, 2005.

Calendar notes

Playing spring baseball with the Tomball Kings is a significant time commitment that requires accommodation of frequent schedule changes due to inclement weather. We always schedule as far in advance as possible and promptly inform players of any schedule changes.

We operate in a youth and interscholastic baseball market that is among the most competitive anywhere. We expect players to be available to practice or play Monday through Saturday from the beginning to the end of the season. Varsity players should normally expect five team events per week. Juniors players should normally expect three team events per week.

In keeping with customary practice for high school baseball teams in Texas, the varsity team will never practice or play on Sunday. The Juniors team may participate in an end-of-season tournament requiring play on one Sunday — it will otherwise never practice or play on Sunday.

Also in keeping with Texas high school baseball custom, we do not take a spring break. Neither the varsity nor juniors teams will take spring break during the season.

Spring 2020 practice for both teams commences February 3, 2020 and should be completed by May 31, 2020.


Players should anticipate the following fees and expenses for the Spring 2020 season. Please note that the board of directors and coaches of the Tomball Kings expect all varsity players to make a significant financial contribution toward, and ideally to pay entirely, the cost of their spring baseball participation, through remunerative work during the course of the year. All directors and coaches are available to counsel varsity players as to opportunities and ways of helping their families in this regard.

Varsity fee schedule

ItemDue (2020)Amount
Uniform fee, maximumJanuary 15$156.00
Annual program fee, if applicableFebruary 2$20.00
Facilities feeFebruary 2$450.00
Coaching fee – FebruaryFebruary 29$125.00
Coaching fee – MarchMarch 31$125.00
Coaching fee – AprilApril 30$125.00

Juniors fee schedule

ItemDue (2020)Amount
Uniform fee, maximumJanuary 15$68.00
Annual program fee, if applicableFebruary 2$20.00
Facilities feeFebruary 2350.00

Explanation of fees

Uniform fee

Varsity: from $132.00 to $156.00 per player, depending on jersey size.
Juniors: from $60.00 to $68.00 per player, depending on jersey size.

The uniform fee is a one-time charge that covers the cost of Tomball Kings custom uniforms. For varsity players it includes two game jerseys, one practice jersey, and one cap. For juniors, it includes one game jersey and one cap.

The Kings use durable, high-quality uniforms from Boombah to enable players to wear the same uniforms through multiple seasons.

Note: Players do not need to repurchase uniforms except due to growth or damage, or when advancing for the first time to varsity play, so long as they continue to be available from our supplier. Fall players returning for spring baseball do not need to repeat this purchase for the spring.

Annual program fee

$20.00 per player.

The annual program fee is a one-time-per-year, administrative charge to cover general program expenses such as federal and state filings, data center expenses, insurance, and email services. The fee covers the period September 1 through August 31, each year. Fall players returning for spring baseball do not need to repeat this payment for the spring.

Facilities fee

Varsity: $450.00 per player.
Juniors: $350.00 per player.

The facilities fee is a one-time-per-season charge to cover practice field rental, home game or league expenses (as applicable), baseballs, first-aid kits, and similar items related to the fielding of the team. Above-cited fees are for the Spring 2020 season.

Coaching fee

Varsity only: $125 per player-month, for three months.

Beginning with the Spring 2020 season, the Tomball Kings will utilize paid, professional coaches for their high school teams. Junior high and younger teams will continue to utilize volunteer coaches. The coaching fee of $125.00 per player month covers both varsity coaches and applies to varsity players only.

Payment method

Beginning Monday, January 13, 2020, players or their families may pay online for all Spring 2020 fees, via the Shop link above.

While not provided through the Kings program, players should also budget for baseball pants, belt, socks, and possibly stirrups, with colors to be specified by coaches in advance of the season; a baseball glove; a regulation baseball bat; sliding shorts with protective cup; batting helmet of royal-blue color; turf shoes and cleats or spikes in Kings colors or black; and, batting gloves if desired. Catchers must provide their own properly-fitted gear and mit, with throat protector affixed to the mask. While not required, recommended safety equipment includes a mouthguard, heartguard, and C-Flap for the batting helmet.

Varsity players will need both white and pinstripe game pants. The Kings will coordinate orders to insure uniformity of color. Juniors players will wear white game pants. Game pants may be knickers or full length; for players that choose knickers, the uniform coordinator will determine colors for stirrups or socks.

Juniors players will need to choose a color for and purchase an inexpensive practice shirt or jersey. The Juniors team coaches will coordinate.

All players will need a sports physical prior to the first practice on February 3, 2020. Forms will be available on Monday, January 13, 2020.

Note: bats and gloves in particular can be expensive items and must be a good fit for the player. Kings coaches are happy to advise on such items, prior to purchase.

Recycling program

Baseball gear is sometimes outgrown while still in good or even excellent condition. Please look for opportunities to pass outgrown items on to younger players.


The varsity team will practice at the Premier Baseball of Texas Sports Complex. Regular practice days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

The regular practice field and days for the juniors team remain to be determined, pending facility coordination and consultation with families.


The varsity team will play its home games at the Premier Baseball of Texas Sports Complex. All away games will be in the greater Houston area.

The juniors team will play its league games at the Spring-Klein Baseball Association’s Rothwood baseball complex in Spring and the Magnolia Baseball Association’s fields in Magnolia. A possible end-of-season tournament may be in a different location, but in the general vicinity of Tomball.

Additional information

If you have questions or need additional information, please email support@tomballkings.org or call John Harris at 512-470-0915.