Update on fitness-testing-and-tryouts clinic

After the rain-out of last Thursday's sandlot games and fitness-testing-and-tryouts clinic, we have been unable to find a new, feasible date and time to hold the clinic.

We do have sandlot today—4:00 PM to 5:30 PM at Farm League—but coaches Wilkins and Goodie are in Florida for football. Because of Thanksgiving and tryout schedules, we will not be able to hold the final sandlot event of the season until Thursday, December 14, which is after tryouts. So we will do this instead:

  1. John Harris will be available during sandlot today to speak with anyone interested about either how to train for fitness testing or tryout preparation.
  2. We will publish and email detailed guides by tomorrow, with guidance concerning (i) preparing for fitness testing (including videos) and (ii) preparing for tryouts.
  3. After each tryout during the week of November 27 through December 1, we will have a brief presentation on preparing for fitness testing.
  4. At the conclusion of our final sandlot games on December 14, we will have a discussion concerning preparations for fitness testing.
  5. Anyone is welcome to call John Harris for a one-on-one discussion of either fitness testing or tryouts at 512-470-0915.

Also, later today, we will be announcing an expansion of and new location for the Athletic Performance Program. That, also, will help students prepare for the new fitness standards.

Please call John Harris at 512-470-0915 for more information.