Spring 2021 player information

We are pleased to welcome all Tomball Kings players and their families to the Spring 2021 baseball season.

In the interest of player safety and to help us comply with the requirements of our insurance carrier and practice and playing facilities, we require certain information and liability forms for each player on a Tomball Kings roster. We also ask parents or guardians to attest to the homeschooling status and academic standing of our players, in keeping with our mission as a Christian baseball organization and out of respect for our opponents.

We value your time and thank you for your cooperation in supplying this information, as we know doing so can be somewhat burdensome.

Note: Families with two or more players on a Tomball Kings roster should complete a separate registration form for each player, but do not need to repeat the information that is common to each player, such as parent/guardian, emergency, and physician contact information. That information can be provided for the oldest player only.

Liability waivers

In addition to the online information form below, we require liability waivers for team insurance and facility rental purposes. These vary slightly between high school and younger players. After receipt of your player information form below, we will email these forms to you via DocuSign, for your review and electronic execution. You will normally receive the forms from DocuSign within 24 hours of submission of the player information form.

Player information form

The form below is for players who have already received and accepted a Spring 2021 roster invitation for the Tomball Kings. We still welcome new players, but roster invitations require participation in a prior player evaluation (“tryout”). To schedule a tryout, please complete our tryout registration form.

Enter player’s date of birth in yyyy-mm-dd format.
Please select a program for this player.
If player has a mobile phone, enter his number.
If player has email, enter his address.
Enter player’s street address
Please share any other information you would like for Tomball Kings coaches or officials to have.