Dual-credit studies at Lone Star College

Earn college credits or a degree while playing high school baseball with the Kings.

Dual-credit studies at Lone Star College

Informational meetings

Join the Tomball Kings at Lone Star College-Tomball this Thursday, May 2, 2024 (high school and junior high students and parents) or Monday, May 6, 2024 (elementary school students and parents), 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM each day, to learn how dual-credit studies at Lone Star College can be immensely valuable in preparing homeschooled student-athletes for success in college.

See Lone Star College's flyer for the Thursday meeting:

We will meet in Room E100 on the beautiful Lone Star College-Tomball campus.

Program opportunities

The program we have developed in conjunction with Lone Star College offers college-bound student-athletes these opportunities:

  • Obtain an Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Arts (AA) degree during their high school years while also meeting all requirements for the Texas Core Curriculum used by Texas public colleges and universities. The program will provide for a well-rounded, high-school course of study that prepares our student-athletes for success in university studies. It will also allow them to enter a four-year, Texas public university with at least 42 transferable, semester credit hours that satisfy university core-curriculum requirements completely. Credits may also be transferrable to private universities.
  • Meet all NCAA academic eligibility requirements for Division I or Division II athletic competition commencing the freshman year of college, including with “Early Academic Qualifier” designation.
  • Guidance in course selection and transcript preparation, both for general college readiness and to meet NCAA eligibility requirements.

This program is available now.

We will also be providing guidance for our junior high student-athletes, to help them prepare for the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment that Lone Star requires, and readiness for their high school studies more generally.

Our commitment to homeschooling is unchanged. The program will operate through the homeschool-dual-credit office at Lone Star, and parents will remain responsible for guiding their children through their academic choices and determining high school graduation requirements.

Over the years, many of our baseball players have taken advantage of dual-credit studies at Lone Star, but some have learned about this option later in their high school years, while also being unaware of NCAA eligibility requirements. Our players who want to play college sports are best served by beginning the planning process ideally in their junior high years, but certainly by their freshman year.

Lone Star has always been very supportive of our homeschooling community and we are grateful for their support of this initiative.

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