Kings to commence track and field competition this spring

The Tomball Kings will begin interscholastic track and field competition this spring for homeschooled student-athletes. Missing Element Sports will coach and train the athletes. Football, baseball, and other homeschooled athletes are welcome. Both boys and girls may participate.

Kings to commence track and field competition this spring
Photo by Austris Augusts / Unsplash
We have officially launched our track and field program. Practice begins March 9. Please see our track and field programs guide. Registration is open. The guide includes a link to the registration page.

The Tomball Kings will begin a track and field program for homeschooled student-athletes commencing with the spring 2024 season. The program will be open to boys and girls.

Missing Element Sports in Spring will provide coaching and training for the track and field athletes. Missing Element already trains over fifty Kings players and siblings as part of the Kings Athletic Performance Program, and is also starting a track club this spring.

To help us with planning for the season, we have created a form to allow parents to register their interest and let us know which events are of interest to their students. Please complete the indication-of-interest form today if you have interest in this program. Completing the indication-of-interest form does not obligate you to participate.

We welcome and encourage Tomball Christian Warriors football players, Kings baseball players, and other homeschooled student athletes to participate. Track and field is not only a great sport in its right, but also provides a superb foundation for excellence in other sports.

Our plan is to support competition in three divisions:

  • High school (interscholastic)
  • Junior high (interscholastic)
  • Elementary (club-level competition only)

The high school and junior high divisions will compete in interscholastic track meets in our area, commencing in February. The high school season will culminate at the Texas Homeschool Track and Field Championships, May 3-4, 2024, in San Antonio. If we have sufficient numbers, junior high may also participate in the state championships.

The elementary division will be eligible only for club-level events with the Missing Element Track Club. Outside of interscholastic meets, athletes in the high school and junior high divisions will also be eligible to compete with the Missing Element Track Club. Both the Kings interscholastic program and the Missing Element club program are competitive (no athlete is assured of being able to compete in any particular event).

Schedule and costs

We are still in the process of pinning down the schedule and costs for the season. We expect costs to be modest. We also expect that most high school meets will be on Saturdays, and most junior high meets to be on weekdays. We may have up to ten meets over the course of the season, with no more than one per week. Our plan is to publish details on costs and schedules within two weeks, and to begin formal registration as soon as we have done so. For the time being, please just share your no-obligation, indication of interest with us.

Coordination with baseball schedule

Coach Wilkins welcomes and strongly encourages baseball players, including high school players, to participate in track and field this spring. Track will need to be lower in priority than baseball, however, and because of game and practice conflicts, baseball players likely will only be able to participate in a few meets. If you are playing baseball with the Kings this spring, please feel free to speak with Coach Wilkins or John Harris about also running track.

Next steps

For now, please complete our indication-of-interest form. We will follow up this post with schedule and cost information, as well as a formal registration opportunity, within a matter of days. Completing the indication-of-interest form will help us immensely with planning for the season.

For more information please call John Harris at 512-470-0915.