Instructional videos

Whether you coach or play, use these videos for home study and practice.

We curate a list of instructional videos for use by our coaches and players. Each of these videos teaches sounds methods, practices, and habits to promote competitive athletic performance, and helps to reinforce what we teach at practices.



MLB coach Perry Hill teaches the fundamentals of sound infield play: Feet, Field, Funnel, Footwork, Fire, Follow.

Mental preparation and performance

The mind is by far an athlete's most valuable tool.

Body language

Rafael Nadal uses body language to win matches. Never hang your head, allows your shoulders to slump, or otherwise show an opponent weakness or disappointment in yourself. Inner resolve is the correct response to failure—not outward displays to elicit sympathy for yourself.

Mental approach

Tennis great Novak Djokovic explains how and why he uses mental preparation and discipline to make himself one of the greatest athletes in the world.