Welcome to Tomball Kings fall baseball

We are pleased to welcome all Tomball Kings players and their families to the Fall 2023 baseball season.

In the interest of player safety and to help us comply with the requirements of our insurance carrier and practice and playing facilities, we require certain information and liability agreements for each player on a Tomball Kings roster. We also ask parents or guardians to attest to the homeschooling status and academic standing of our players, in keeping with our mission as a Christian baseball organization and out of respect for our opponents.

We value your time and thank you for your cooperation in supplying this information, as we know doing so can be somewhat burdensome.

Families with two or more players on a Tomball Kings roster may submit separate forms for each player, if they wish, or else simply provide information for the additional player(s) in the “Additional information or players” section of the form.

Please read our Fall 2023 Program Guide, Player Waiver and Release Agreement, and Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement prior to submission of your player registration. Your registration will not be accepted without your agreement to them.

Player information form

Player access to practice and game fields is conditioned upon prior completion and submission of the form below.


Please do not enter parent information in the fields for player email addresses or mobile numbers. We understand that players may not have phones or email.
Enter player’s date of birth in yyyy-mm-dd format.
If player has a mobile phone, enter his number.
If player has email, enter his address.
Enter player’s street address
Please share any other information you would like for Tomball Kings coaches or officials to have. You may also list additional players here, if you have more than one to register. For each, please provide (i) date of birth, (ii) email, if available, and (iii) mobile number, if available.