Athletic performance program registration

Welcome to our 2023 summer season Athletic Performance Program.

Please read our Athletic Performance Program guide and the agreements listed below prior to submission of your player registration. Your registration will not be accepted without your agreement to them.

Player Waiver and Release Agreement
Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement

Families registering two or more student-athletes may submit separate forms for each, if they wish, or else simply provide information for the additional player(s) in the “Additional information or players” section of the form.

Enter date of birth in yyyy-mm-dd date format.
Please enter your preferred email address for communications from the Tomball Kings. We will add you to our email list, but you may update your preferences at any time.
Please enter your preferred phone number in xxx-xxx-xxxx format.
You may list here any additional player(s) from your household that you wish to register. Please include date(s) of birth.